Hi, my name is Jörg and I work a pretty regular nine-to-five office job. Every morning is a struggle, as I would rather spend some more time under the sheets than on the commute. This holds especially true in wintertime, when it is dark as I leave for work and dark again once I get back home.

As soon as I do not have to worry about work anymore, – on a weekend, say, or on vacation – things change. Suddenly the idea of a cold, early morning outside does not sound so terrible at all. As long as this morning can be spent in nature, I do not mind getting up at five or four or even three a.m.

The thought of standing on a lonely stretch of coast in the twilight of dawn. The idea of witnessing a mist-covered landscape bathed in warm yellow light. The chance of walking through a wintry forest, with the snow crunching underneath my hiking boots as the only sound breaking the silence. This is all the motivation I need to push myself out of bed. Moments like these make me feel alive. They inspire me deeply and they fill me with strength for my everyday life.

Trying to capture the majesty, the beauty and the energy of such moments in a single frame: that is what made me start out with landscape photography more than a decade ago. But showing nature's shining beauty with the help of a wide-angle lens is just the most obvious way to tackle landscape photography.

Once I moved on and started to see beyond the obvious a whole new world of possibilities opened up. Nowadays, I find myself striving to tell stories of a much greater diversity with my photographs. They have become a means of expressing a whole range of emotions, from light to dark ones – and including all the different shades of grey in between.